After the Kickstarter

What Now?

Posted by Justin on Jun 5, 2017
Well, the Kickstarter didn't pan out like I was hoping. That's okay though, I'm still moving forward with the project and I began coding weeks ago. It might move at a bit slower pace, but it is still something I am working on weekly. My plan is to get a working prototype created in ~6 months time, and then I will relaunch the Kickstarter, with a new video that actually showcases game play (and maybe less cats? or MORE cats?) along with some more information. In addition, since I will have something to showoff, I will be reaching out to blogs and various people/outlets that might be interested to better promote the kickstarter. To stay informed with the project, please keep up-to-date with the website by signing up for the mailing list, where you will get periodic updates on the game's progress. Also, please tell all your friends who might also be interested in this game - hopefully together we can generate some buzz for the next kickstarter campaign, and really get this game pushed!