Posted by Justin on Sep 25, 2017
Divided Pursuit is fully funded (and then some!) with 10 days still left to go! Thank you all for your support and appreciation of the game! While we may have reached the goal, please continue to tell your friends and fellow gamers about the game so we can try and reach some stretch goals! The more funds the more content will be in the game, so let's try and load this thing up with as many quests and artwork as we can! For further incentive, I am updating the stretch goals a bit, so at the $2,000 mark I will create an additional class for the game (and everybody who backed it will be able to vote on the class/ability that gets added). I will also try and come up with something for the $5,000 mark that I can add to the game, but am still thinking on that. Anyways, THANK YOU EVERYBODY FOR YOUR SUPPORT! I couldn't have done this without you, and I can't wait to start filling the game with content and getting it out to everybody to test!