The Time is Upon Us!

Beta is Nigh!

Posted by Justin on Nov 29, 2017
After many, many frustrating hours with getting everything to work with iOS these past few days, I have finally exported a successful build to iOS! (Android too, but that was easy and not very noteworthy). I've fixed the most glaring bugs that me and the alpha test team discovered, so the game should be in a very non-game-breakingly glitchy state. With that said, this weekend I will be making the beta available on the iStore (Apple Store? App Store?) and Google Play - both of those platforms appear to have an easy to use beta testing feature, so I will likely be sending out the backers beta test link (or however it works), but I might just also be emailing promo codes; once I get into the thick of setting up and putting the games out there, I will know exactly how I will be sending everybody their copy of the game, but you can all expect to be ready to start receiving it Sunday. Please make sure I know what platform of the game you want by sending me an email from your kickstarter email address to with the number of copies for which device (e.g "iphone: 1, android:3") if you did not answer that question already in your backer report (And remember, you are entitled to 4 copies, any numbering shennanigans means I will divy it out to what makes the most sense, so if you say "iphone: 5, android:2", I'll just give you two iphone and 2 android copies!) Okay, hope that wasn't too long and rambly, and I hope you are all excited to play and test this game out in the coming week! As the beta starts to be released, I will be emailing people next week who need their copies if they have not contacted me with what the want by then. UNTIL THIS WEEKEND WHEN I MAKE ANOTHER UPDATE FOR WHEN THE BETA IS LIVE, STAY FRESH AND GAME ON!