Quick Update

The Time is Still Upon Us!

Posted by Justin on Dec 4, 2017
Just a quick heads up, the App is technically on the Google Play store now (but I don't think you can find it without the beta invite link first), but Apple takes longer to review, and they didn't like the fact that I mentioned that it was also available on Android, so they didn't approve it yet (I mean, I think it makes sense according to their terms, because it's to tell people they can play with their friends regardless of what type of device they use!). Anyway, they will either accept my argument, or I will remove that wording, and the app will be published on the Apple Store. Since most people want keys for a combination of Apple and Android, I will be waiting until the App is on the Apple store to be emailing you your promo codes, unless you indicated to me that you only want Android, then expect to get the keys and beta link in the next 24 hours. If I haven't heard from you at all, expect an email from me asking what you want soon. That's all, just wanted to keep you all up-to-date and to know I didn't forget about you! Hopefully lot's of you will be able to get together with some friends and play this upcoming weekend!