Beta is Officially Live!


Posted by Justin on Dec 7, 2017
The App is live in both Google Play and the App Store! Promo codes to backers who responded which platforms they wanted have been sent! If you pledged in the $10+ tiers and have not yet received your codes, you should have gotten an email asking for what you wanted, but if I missed you, send an email to to let me know which 4 platform codes you want. While you all have codes to give out to play with friends, I do recommend playing with at least 5-7 people (I think more people playing brings a lot more fun an intrigue to these type of role reveal games, and the 1-to-3 ratio seems too difficult for the saboteur at the moment, but we'll come up with a way we can improve that), so feel free to convince people to purchase the App on the respective stores (and note that Android players will need to accept the beta invite by going to this link first) So Keep in mind, the beta is more for input, feedback, and bug testing on gameplay itself. Graphically many things are missing or placeholders, but that is being worked on as we test the gameplay itself, and the full release will be more aesthetically pleasing. In addition, there are only 22 quests right now, far less than the full release will have, but you can use the TL;DR button to move through quests more quickly if you have already read it before and don't want to go through it again. Be sure to read the How To Play manual to get a grasp on gameplay elements, or if you run into anything confusing it may be answered there. Thank you all for your support! I hope you enjoy the game! Provide any feedback you have here and email me directly at if you have any questions you want answered. Game On! -Justin